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The Blue Chapters will be helpful for those who are not
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In these chapters the Author of the site shares with you her deep and extensive knowledge of Forever Living Products based on her 14 year experience.
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Without our health we have nothing.
Keep and maintain your real treasure - your Health.
Learn what give health. Learn what takes it away.
Follow what you learn.


  • Do you take prescribed drugs once in a while or all the time?
  • Do your kids take drugs?
  • Are you ready to get risk of dangerous or defective drugs for your health?

Find out what your Doctor will
Never Tell You about Drugs.


We are What we Eating.

  • Food industry has radically changed in the last half of this century, and those changes have damaging effect on our health and our planet. Find out what you eat.
  • The Truth about Organic Food
  • Everything you HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods
  • The Vulgar Truth About Meat
  • Information for those who love Macdonald's or any other Fast Food Restaurant.

Knowledge is Freedom.


The question is: Is this possible stop your aging?
What does it take?

Nutrition, exercises, healthy lifestyle or it is something else that very far from these well-known things?

Part 1 Power of Thought can stop you ageing.

Part 2 Water - questing for the Fountain of Youth.

Part 3 What type of water are you drinking?

Want things to change? Then change things in your own words.


Why some people look like they are 35 year old when they are 50+ and some look like 45 years old being in their 30's?

Part 1 Main reason why you may age faster than other people.
Part 2 How to choose effective and safe multivitamin/nutritional supplement to prolong your youth by controlling damage and allowing your body to repair and renew itself.
Part 3 Beauty secrets of two Queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti or a Legend Fountain of Youth.



What would you prefer? To read a lot of the ads about product or to find out about the Company's founder who is actually directly responsible for production and quality of the product?
Everything starts from the personality, doesn't?
CORRECT form of COMPANY and PRODUCT introduction to form your own opinion is starting here.

FLP made more than 3 billion sales yearly and more that 50% of this sales coming from Aloe Vera Drinks.


Part 1 Learn why millions of people repeatedly buying Forever Aloe Vera Drinks for years:

  • Processing and Stabilization Methods;
  • Why Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel from FLP is ESSENTIALLY IDENTICAL to a fresh Aloe Vera leaf;
  • Scientific Research from International Aloe Science Council.

Part 2 Aloe Vera Drinks is your best choice for Health and Vitality:

  • Top Ten Reasons to Drink Aloe Vera;
  • A new study “Aloe Vera Enhances Bioavailability”;
  • How to get the maximum benefit from Aloe Vera;
  • Learn Description & Purpose range of Forever Drinks.


BEEHIVE PRODUCTS as an Ancient Secret the Longevity

Part 1 Learn about your tools required for longevity

  • Why some people live 100 plus years?
  • What is the World's Most Complete Food
  • How to Use it as a Aphrodisiac
  • How to Defence Your Aging Process.

Part 2 100% natural Forever Bee Products – Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Bee Propolis.

What is the difference?

Reading and
Learing Material
in this section
is interesting and
important for everyone,

If you want
to be healthy

and look young
spending as little
as possible
- this chapter
is for you

  • In today's polluted world everyone needs to clean their bodies;
  • Everybody has at least 10 cleaning and/or personal care products in their household for everyone's daily use;
  • In each household there is a number of First Aid products on hand to provide relief to the family members in case of minor incidents. Quality of these products is crucial especially if you have kids in the house.

Part 1. Clean your body – help yourself feel healthy and look younger.

Part 1.1 Why do we age? Get sick? Develop diseases?

Part 1.2 Clean 9 Nutritional Cleansing Program

Part 2 Ten products that you can find in every home.
How different are household products made by different companies? How to get maximum health benefits from the products? What about the bonus?

Part 3 Aloe Vera products as a First Aid Kit – can you make a better choice? They provide protection, pain and inflammation relieve, and healing!

Part 4 Find out about 10 Top rated products in North America from the Company.

Part 5 Top Product Tips from our Distributors and Customers.

Every woman must be
treated as a queen,
and she will
look like a Queen.

With Forever
you will simply
look like a queen
even if
you don’t have
enough money

to go to
expensive SPA,
you have

Forever Living


Part 1 Where does the Beauty start?

  • A prolonged internal problem leaves significant wrinkles and spots on your face - connect the dots.
  • Vitamins for healthy skin and for different age stages.

Part 2 Look like a million dollars!

  • How does Aloe Vera work to make your skin look and feel younger?
  • Why FLP Products are different from the other manufacturer’s products?

Part 3 Dark circles around your eyes. Will the face cream help?

Part 4 How to get a complete step by step Facial with Forever Products.

Part 5 Beautiful hair makes any woman irresistible. Are you happy with your hair?

Part 6 Silky skin will make you attractive at any age

  • Reaper and replenish your skin while you have relaxing bathing with Forever Aroma Spa Collection.
  • Trim, tone and tighten your skin with an at-home body wrap of Aloe Body Toner Kit. It also works for minimizing the appearance of cellulite.

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